Thursday, January 6, 2011

Happy/Hippy Days

   For Chrissy I got this cute little tie dye kit!! I'd always wanted to try tie dying stuff, since I love the style so much. I am a colourful person, therefore I didn't have any white clothes lying around for me to dye. SO.. I had to patiently wait a couple of weeks 'til I found some in an op shop and a cheap shop I found underground in the city. In that time I checked out heaps of vids on YouTube showing different tie dying techniques. Thank God for them. The instructions that came with the pack were pretty crappy. So last night I was so excited- I was literally like a kid on the night before Christmas!!! I stayed up late tying ('tieing??') and folding my white shirts:

This morning the fun stuff got started. 

Now I have to wait 'til 12:00pm tomorrow to rinse them out (it says leave it in for 24 hours.. not sure if I can resist for that long..), wash them in the machine, hang them out to dry and then FINALLY SEE THE RESULTS. Man, I'm still so excited again. 

"Tomorrow, tomorrow, I love you tomorrow, you're only a day away.."

3 hours and 16 minutes, actually.