Friday, May 27, 2011

Pretty Hula Hoop

I have a photoshoot coming up with the lovely Amy soon; we're going to a place called Kyneton. There is a spot in that town which is near a river, and it has a beautiful flight of stairs. It's a great place to go for Autumn, as the trees sport many different coloured leaves.
I'm hoping to go for the vintage/nature/dusky-rose/mystical/lost-princess look. Like a diamond- rough on the outside but inner sweetness. I have made a hula hoop from scratch (thanks Junita!) and decked it out with paint, lace, wools, and twine. I have a few ideas in mind of how to use it in the photos, so I will show you when I have them!

Female Siblings

I love my sisters. We have so much fun.

Last Monday Night In A Crowded Room...

“And the winner in the Youth Photography Competition 15-18 year old category is…”

My heart was pumping, like the nine other finalist's hearts probably were. There was tension like thick syrup in the air. I told myself to relax, it probably wasn’t gonna be me. So I leant back, got cozy, and prepared to clap for someone else. I expected to hear a name that I had never heard of before, especially because I hadn’t even made the runner-up! Not that I really wanted that prize, a $150 gift voucher to JB Hi-Fi.
Deep down in my heart place, I knew I still had a chance, but I made myself be practical, to try to avoid potential disappointment.
When they said my name, it sounded so creamy and smooth, rolling off the women’s tongue with perfect articulation. In my mind, which is riddled with grapheme synesthesia, it was so beautifully green, like it should be, with tinges of brown and orange for my last name.
I sat there in shock, my mouth resembling that of a goldfish mouth, and my dad squeezed me in a hug, so proud. My shaky hands were up on my cheeks in disbelief and surprisement, before I was able to detach myself from the table I was perched upon.
I went up there and grabbed the massive box which they held out to me. It sported an image that was beautiful to my eyes. The picture represented a life to come, a time of learning and much creative expression. My brand new digital Canon SLR camera, a big black one.

It’s amazing, because I took that winning shot on a little point and shoot camera; I knew that a couple of the other finalists had bigger cameras than that. My camera broke a few weeks ago. God is amazing. He knew that camera was for me. He knew what my biggest dream was.

‘Delight yourself in the Lord and He shall give you the desires of your heart’.
Psalms 37:4

(To see my photo and the other finalist's, go here)

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Little Duck

The other night I was making something to keep my ears warm, and this tiny duck appeared!!