Friday, October 7, 2011

Little Hands + Pretty Rice

made some green rice
and some pink

some was mixed together
and given to the 3 year old to play with
i love seeing kids playing with such simpleness
her hands are so cute and soft and little
so yummy to kiss
and with the rest, i made a pretty little display

Monday, October 3, 2011

Photos + Names

the latest henna tattoo that I drew on myself

the sister's fountain-like hairdo on Saturday

the birds playing at being free

me with no freckles--> i usually never, ever airbrush my photos, but i was bored and tried it. i prefer me with spots, haha.

pretty shells and stars

my cute sister

my friend's cool shoes

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thanks to everyone who voted in my poll, about what you want me to post about. 'photography' won.  :)

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If you're into baby names, like I am, you must visit NameBerry, it's fabulous. For boys, I like strong traditional names like:
And for girls I like more unusual names, eg:
           Mila {'Mee-la'}
            Matisse {'Mah-tee-sa'}
           Zayanne {'Zay-anna'}
And I sometimes love nature names, for middle names:
Aaaahh, I can't wait to have kids and give them awesome names.
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For some colourful inspiration, go and see Katie, from Colour Me Katie. She does the most awesome thing...

Aaaahh, she's so cool.

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Well~ that's it folks, stay tuned for photos from my family's trip to the zoo...