The Girl With Curls

I am 19 and I live with my mum, dad, brother and two sisters.

{Eve, Janae and I, all wearing our cool tie dyed tops that we made ourselves.}

 ♦I was homeschooled from grade 3 and upwards and I wouldn't change it at all!! 

♦ I love making life lovable, with art, music, food 
and photography.

♦I love the challenge of making awesome things but spending as little money as possible, so it helped me a great deal when I won a photo competition, earning me a beautiful SLR camera ♥
♦Jesus saved my life; He took my place on the cross. I want my life to please God and I want to become as much like Jesus as I can. 
♦My dress style is usually hippy/gypsy/bohemian or the beautiful vintage!! 

{Me with some of the awesome kids I met at an orphange in Cambodia}

♦ I started my first job in September 2011, working with adults with a disability. We have lots of programs for them, cooking, money handling, art and craft, travel training, etc. They learn life skills.

♦I'm always doing different things with my hair. I get bored with it every 3-4 weeks. Usually I dye it purple. At the moment I have a hot pink chunk of hair behind each ear  ;)

{A style I had for over a month, haha. I love to replicate dreadlocks!!}

{I have a strange fascination with trains, planes, cranes and other large machines}

So that's me. If you're interested, just click the 'follow' button, and do up your seltbelt!!

 Oh- and I love apples  ;)