How I Create Photos

I am so blessed.
On May the 23rd 2011, I won this beautiful Canon EOS 500D SLR camera as a prize for this photo (which was taken on a point and shoot).

It came with a normal lens (18-55mm) and this amazing one (55-250mm):

This lil' baby has amazing ability to zoom in so close to far away things. I love it.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I use this pretty camera strap; it's so much more comfy than the one that comes with the camera.

This is the bag that I carry everything in- got it for eighteen bucks on eBay!! I absolutely love it to bits and it goes with every outfit, haha.

I also have this awesome tripod- it's so light to carry!! The brand is Inca.

And it has this adorable little spirit level.

I use a UV filter on each lens, to protect the surface of the lenses eye (one from JB Hi-Fi, $22; and one from eBay, $3).

I use basic editing programs, Picasa and Picnik.