Saturday, February 4, 2012

My Friend Went To Heaven

In the dark of the night, you left.
Not just the earth, but everyone who loved you. 
You felt there was nothing, that your life was a mess.
You tried for so long, but those black vines kept pulling you down.
You kept your happy face on, only some knew your heart.
I tried to help, but it was beyond my ability.
All I could do was pray. 

Now you're gone, I realise how much I loved you,
and how much others love you.
I didn't know how much you were a part of my life.
I am missing you more than I could've imagined.
I feel heartbroken, angry, sad, awful, helpless. And relieved.
Relieved that your battle is over, that you're no longer struggling...
that you're in peace.

You were always making me laugh, and now the tears fall and fall.
I can't believe you did this; can't believe you're gone. 
I want to talk to you, just one more time.

You're gone, but you're in heaven now.
Thanks for everything, Troy. 

I love you, I miss you, I'll never forget you.

Spanner xx 

Play the drums for Jesus in heaven!

{A week ago, my friend Troy made the choice to end his life}
{It was one of the most heartbreaking, awfullest things}

From Underneath The Stars, We Watch The Sky

yesterday this girl from australia worked out how to use her macro extension tubes properly.

she is happy!

she also was watering her plants and noted how pretty the water looked in the late afternoon sunlight. 

so she grabbed her camera, and the photos came out with amazing rainbows, sunflare and bokeh!