Monday, January 16, 2012

New Addition To My Camera family! (and some creativeness)

i got my new, little baby today
he arrived in a little box which held him snug
he's so little!

check out how tiny it's cap is compared to the others

well it doesn't look that much different but when you hold it you can feel it's smallness!

these are the pics it takes (all 'sooc'):

my lovely mother ♥

my garden!

i bought the lens from ebay; it was $50 cheaper than if i had bought it in a shop! gotta love a bargain.

~ ~ ~ ~ ♥ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 

i am now at the end of my 3 week summer holidays  :(    all my life i've had 7 weeks to enjoy the sunshine, beaches and icy poles, so i was a bit shocked when i learnt i only had 3 weeks! oh, the joys of having a job. 
slowly i have been moving things out of my room and into my caravan. I HAVE SO MUCH STUFF. and i'm not proud of it! mainly craft stuff, and things i can't part with. i'm badly sentimental with material things, tsk tsk. bad hannah
i've just went to a shop (apparently it's american so you mighta heard of it) called 'masters'. awesome place. they had cherry tomato plants, 2 for $1!! eeek! so cheap. bought 6.  
and- i really love indoor plants, and when i saw one with leaves that were 2 of my fave colours- green and purple- i just had to. had to bring it home. 
so beautiful.

that is me and my life at the moment. 

and now for some inspiration.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ♥ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

1 photoframe- 
{literally just the frame, 
chuck out the glass and the backing and the little, standing up thingy}


minature wooden pegs

awesome little things

and make this.

ain't it gorgeous!

colours that i was gonna paint my caravan but then i decided not to

tag from Cotton On (more awesome bargains from there) and a feather from a bird

i'm sure you can work out how to make it.

you now have an awesome thing to hang up.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ♥ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 

and to end off this little post, here's what i've been doing in my art book the last few days.

i drew my plant

attributes that are good to have... and good in a man you're considering marrying   :p

that's all from me today, have a nice day/sleep!
hannah xx

Monday, January 9, 2012

The Light Which He Provides (and a plea for help from photographers!)

Natural light and manual focus.

These are what I'm practising at the moment in my photos. 

But I want to know more.

I've had my SLR since May 2011, but there are still many things I don't know about it.

There are terms in photography that I've heard over and over again, but I don't know how to know when to do what setting.

Things like ISO, aperture and why in photo descriptions there is the letter 'f'.

Well I know that ISO means how much light is let in, and aperture means 'depth of field'...

I think?

Do you have any tips for me? I want to learn to to shoot manually. 

Are there any good places online where you can learn this stuff? Or is it better by trial and error?? How did you learn?

Be sure to comment and let me know your thoughts!!

Hannah xx

{P.s. All photos are SOOC, no editing done}

Saturday, January 7, 2012

~The Joy Dare~

The other day I read about something called The Joy Dare.
The aim is to write down things that you are grateful for; that bring you joy; to thank God for the little things in life.

And there's a goal- to write down 1000 in 2012!!

There is a guide for January that you can get from here, and you can read more about the whole thing on A Holy Experience. They're also having some giveaway, and one prize is a Nikon camera *gasps*. I haven't read what you have to do yet. Our printer's not got ink at the moment, so I wrote it out all by hand. I wanted it to look pretty as well, so I burnt the edges with flames and soaked it all in coffee. Looks great!

It suggests writing down 3 things a day. I only started yesterday, so I had to catch up for 6 days, but it was easy enough. And at the end of the year you'll have a book filled with beautiful, happy thoughts and memories! Hopefully a thousand of them!!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

One thing that I'm grateful for, and I feel so incredibly blessed to be part of, is something with three other ladies...

... a 'The Four Generations' photo!!

That is my great-grandmother, Rienkje, on the left. She will be 91 in a couple of weeks! Her daughter, my grandma, is awesome, along with my grandpa. They recently rescued a puppy dog with one eye from the RSPCA, and have just bought a motorhome to travel around Australia with (p.s. They named their dog Boondi, which is some Aboriginal word. She's adorable). Then there is my lovely mother  :)   She stays at home and homeschools my two younger sisters... and makes my lunch when I go to work  :p   And that last lovely lass, is me. Hannah. I complained to my mum that I look like I have a baby face, compared to her skinny face, and she said 
"When you're 90, you'll be glad you had a baby face at 19!"
I hope so. 

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Guess what- I'm moving into a big caravan in our backyard very soon!! 

It's a sweet 24ft long (7 metres!) and has 3 areas/rooms. My dad got it at a low price because it needed lots of fixing up. He's done really well so far; he's painted it all, and he only needs to put some lino down on the floor, and fix some broken windows. Then me and Mum (and maybe Grandma too!) will need to make some curtains, and then I can go for my life and make it all pretty. I cannot wait. I chose a nice, casual creamy-white colour for all the walls, and all the cupboards are drawers are being left brown. 
I had had enough of my bright purple and green walls, haha. Too overstimulating for my now 'adult' lifestyle, lol. I need I place where I can come home too, and relax, haha.

Yesterday I took a couple of photos of my room before I started packing it up (my sister's will be moving into it- Eve who's 12 is very excited about the awesome colours). My brother will be moving into THEIR old room. He has lived outside in a tiny (11ft, tsk tsk) caravan for years, but now it kinda has no door and some windows are broken, haha. 

my 'big' wall

my messy door wall (how i will miss those cds!)

my colour coordinated cds  :p

{And I'm very excited now because I'm ordering a new lens! Woooo!!!} 

Love to everyone,
Hannah xx

Sunday, January 1, 2012

How The Day Was Spent

On the last day of 2011, I...

~brought in a load of washing and folded it all~

little sister's clothes

~planted sunflower seeds with Janae~

~painted a yoghurt tub to put my new plant in~

~worked on my latest little projects~ 
(this is just a sneak peek  :p)

~made tea for my family~

~walked to town with my sister to buy icy poles coz it was a hot, hot summer day~

~wrote a letter to myself to read in a year's time, burnt the edges of the page, soaked it all in coffee, rolled it up and tied it with a piece of twine~

~took trippy photos using the light of an alarm that was going off at my neighbours house!~

~took photos of the beautiful moon at 9:45pm~

~at 11:45pm I woke Eve up, and her, me and my friend Simone walked to a hill to watch any fireworks~ 

{man, I should be a professional firework-taking-photos-of person. Haha, not

~afterwards, I chilled out with the fairy lights~

~and then I went to bed~


~and I didn't take a photo of that~

~coz it was dark~

Happy new year everyone, may God bless you through that wonders and hardships that you face ♥