Monday, July 11, 2011

In My Garden

I have a little garden.
A cute little garden in an old wheelbarrow.

In it grows

aloe vera





and some others that aren't going so well, hence no photos of them  :p


  1. awww! lovely pictures! we have a cute lil garden too, in our back yard. though it's not very little any more! in answer to your question, i don't have naturally curly hair (i have wavy hair), so i put my hair in rags at night and the curls stay in for three days. hope that answers your question! love your blog btw:-)

  2. Oh wow that's so cool!! You should do a tutorial about it one day! And thanks :)

  3. you really are a great photographer!! :) i just wanted to say i don't think your little button works yet? lol i have it on my blog and it doesnt go anywhere... and neither does the one on your page! lol

  4. Love it!!! :D Apart from the parsley.... :P

  5. @Sunny- Oh no!! I'll have to hack into my sis' blog and try it...

    @Neeta- Heheheeee... now I know what you hate you might never hear the end of it ;) Hey did you get my postcard??

  6. Bahahaha.. :P You're just lovely.. ;) Yes I did thank you sooo much - it was cutely adorable.. :D

  7. hey han! just wanted to say i changed the html a bit on mine and now it works... all i had to do was copy and paste your blog url into it again and delete the old one and now it works :) so if you have random ppl look at your blog its cuz they saw it on mine haha


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